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Value Your Trade

We Need Your Trade

At Cochrane Nissan, we need your trade in! So if you are looking to sell your current vehicle and get a new one, then our dealership is the place to come. We will take your used vehicle, clean it, recondition and put it on our lot for sale. And you on the other hand will be able to focus on getting the new vehicle you want. Furthermore, our knowledgeable staff members will also give you the most value from your trade-in. And your vehicle may even be several hundred over book value at Cochrane Nissan, because we need you trade in! We always need used vehicle inventory, so don’t hesitate to bring in your vehicle for trade-in.

The Benefits of Trading-in with Cochrane Nissan

At Cochrane Nissan We Really Do Need Your Trade –

As the newest Nissan dealership in the Southern Alberta area we have no used inventory this means we can and we WILL pay over top dollar for your trade.

Take the 15-minute drive to Cochrane Nissan and get your “Free Express Vehicle Wash on Every Used Appraisal.”

  • A fast no obligation trade-in appraisal; With the latest software we can show you how we come up with the value of your trade-in by using real vehicles for sale in our area for comparison. Most importantly, we openly share that information with you!
  • A complementary vehicle wash with every appraisal.
  • A written offer of what we will pay for your trade TODAY whether you decide to trade or not.
  • Take your time with a test drive outside of the busy streets of the city with one of our fully trained product advisors.

Cochrane Nissan where Service is So Good You Will Tell Your Friends.

What’s my vehicle worth?

One of our goals at Cochrane Nissan is to simplify the trade in process for our customers, so we have created an easy-to-follow appraisal process:

  • We first gather general information on the vehicle such a model, trim level and year. This helps us determine an overall value for your vehicle. All you need to do is fill out the vehicle appraisal form with all the necessary information and we will provide you with an estimated value. However, our professionals will also need to take a closer look at your vehicle to come up with a more accurate trade-in-value.
  • Once you bring in your vehicle, the aesthetical parts such as the windshield and bumper and the major mechanical and electrical components are inspected to help determine if they are in good shape or if they need to be repaired or replaced.
  • The trade-in value of your vehicle can also be affected by the presence of extra parts (tires…) or accessories (bike rack…), so bring those with you too!
  • Once this is all done, we will give an accurate trade-in value. Our appraisal process is this simple!